Dog Logic Audition Materials for OCT 17 Auditions

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Written by Thomas Strelich
Directed by Howard Shangraw

Performances: APR 15th @ 7pm, 16th @ 2pm & 7pm, 22nd @ 7pm, and 23rd @ 2pm & 7pm, 2016

Please fill-out and submit the Online Audition Form:



FOR PLAYS: All actors must be prepared to perform a monologue of your choice or one from the script(s) of the desired play(s) you wish to be cast. Production sides are available online (see below).

*Copy of the script is available to be read at the Cultural Center.


A dark comedy with profound insights into the mind of a man unaffected by the obsession with wealth, acquisition or urban sprawl, confronted by his grasping mother, his tender yet desperate ex-wife and an unscrupulous real estate broker, all eager to acquire his land, a rundown pet cemetery. The setting of this fascinating play is a run down pet cemetery in the California desert. An intoxicating mix of the sublime and surreal, this dark comedy is a hilarious but disturbing study of devotion to ideals in the face of urban sprawl. Hertel Daggett is the physical and spiritual caretaker of the pet cemetery he inherited from his father. His solitude is intruded upon by an aspiring real estate magnate (a janitor who took a cable television real estate seminar) who enlists Hertel’s ex wife (a jaded deputy sheriff who wants to move to Vermont or Australia) and his long lost mother (presumed dead but actually living in Sacramento) to turn the property into a shopping mall. Hertel’s fight to protect the forty dried up, burnt out acres of dead pets from the forces of real estate and reality weaves dinosaurs, cave men, Egyptians, amoebas, television evangelists, Godzilla, and gospel music, answering the primal question: what makes man different than all the other animals?

Available Roles:

HERTEL – male, 30s-early 40s, lots of mileage on him, an idealist and a dreamer.

KAYE – female, mid 30s, Hertel’s ex-wife, a cop, strong yet tender.

ANITA – female, late 50s-60s, Hertel’s mother, a realist without much of a maternal side.

DALE – male, late 20s – early 40s, real estate broker with a short fuse, anxious and profane.


GREAT NEWS FOR SEASON PACKAGE TICKET HOLDERS! Should your schedule change and you find yourself needing to attend a performance on a different date — if you give the Box Office at least 48 hours notice prior to your ticketed performance, management will attempt to exchange your ticket for a different performance of the same show!