Get Involved!

Volunteer behind-the-scenes, onstage, or become a donor!

Your free time and special skills can make a tremendous difference in helping our non-profit organization bring the arts to you and your community.

While you help our arts organization that operates with limited finances to stretch resources and bring our work to more people, you will enrich and broaden your own life.  Give it a try – everyone will win!

SEND US AN EMAIL … and let us know how you want to get involved!


  • Ticket Revenues only cover 40% of a theater’s annual budget.
  • You will meet and work with exciting new people.
  • You will see how the production or exhibition comes together and experience the joy of opening nights that you have helped make happen.
  • Severe state budget cuts and current economic situations are forcing local theaters to continue offering the services and education that once were previously funded by the government.
  • You will make new friends who also enjoy the arts.
  • You will share your special skills and learn to use them in new ways.
  • You will have opportunities for leadership and may discover qualities you never knew you had.
  • Your financial gifts are 100% tax deductible!
  • You will feel pride in helping to make life in your community better in helping a dedicated group of people realize their dreams.

The arts reflect your community

The arts create, celebrate, and preserve the cultural history of your community so that future generations can understand and appreciate what you did and who you were. The arts are the legacy of any society and they teach what we know about past civilizations.

The arts help your community

Beyond bringing pure enjoyment and excitement to everyday lives, the arts:

  • Create opportunities for productive activities that engage and motivate young people, both in school and in their leisure time.
  • Enrich the lives of the elderly, homebound, and disabled by offering participation in arts programs.
  • Bring together all ages, races, and economic levels of people to celebrate beauty and creativity.

The arts are an investment in your community and help business

  • A prominent theater in the neighborhood prompts restaurants to open and provides evening business for local shops and transportation.
  • The blockbuster concert, play, or exhibit at the local theatre brings people into the community from miles around who spend money on all kinds of services.
  • The rich artistic life of the community convinces a business that is concerned about the quality of life of its employees to locate there.
  • The arts employ people, buy services, and attract tourists.



GREAT NEWS FOR SEASON PACKAGE TICKET HOLDERS! Should your schedule change and you find yourself needing to attend a performance on a different date — if you give the Box Office at least 48 hours notice prior to your ticketed performance, management will attempt to exchange your ticket for a different performance of the same show!