Adult Dance + Yoga Classes!

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The Hi-Desert Cultural Center is thrilled to open registration for new dance and yoga classes for adults. We will be adding more soon such as pilates and adult ballet, and keep a look out for more! Minimum class sizes also may be required and classes not meeting those minimums may be cancelled on the first day of class with a full refund to those enrolled.

Teens are welcome to attend with a parent.

Classes begin Wednesday October 19th and Saturday October 22nd ! No classes will run the week of THANKSGIVING.

Classes are only $16 each per each 4-week subscription and $19 for a drop-in.

Not sure if a class is for you? You’re welcome to take advantage of a one-time “I’d like to try it!” payment of $16 or, as an alternative, if you pay for a month of classes (4) and you change your mind, we will refund the unused portion as long as you let us know at least a day ahead of the next class.

Unless indicated otherwise, classes are held in our expansive dance studio at our Yucca Valley Visual & Performing Arts Center 58325 Hwy 62.


Dance, Stretch + Strengthen

For adults, any level.
Come get in shape the fun way! Move and groove to a blend of cardio dance styles from 90’s hip hop, classic pop and disco, and some latin, too. We shake, rattle and roll with good vibes and funky music. Liesl pumps up your confidence with excitement, encouragement, and unconditional love. You will learn super fun dance moves that you can take to any dance floor. The last half of class includes Callanetic strengthening (isolated muscle toning) and a fusion of athletic and yogic stretching (like quad stretch meets downward dog). Please wear comfortable workout/dance clothes like sweats, t-shirts and tennis shoes.

Vinyasa Smile Yoga

For adult beginner to intermediate yogis.
This gentle yet energetic practice uses conscious smiling and breath flow to move through intentionally-connected yoga postures. It’s like a yoga dance for inner peace and outer joy. We inhale to expand upward and outward, and exhale to contract inward and downward, building up a sweat and raising our heart beat. Through the sequence, we work on enhancing strength, calmness, endurance, focus and flexibility. Modifications to reduce or magnify difficulty are included to meet your level, and Liesl’s encouragement will have your back the whole time. Concludes with body mindfulness meditation that folks can use anytime to assist in self-healing. It’s basically breathing deeply and focusing attention to each part of the body to check in. For example, if you check in with your feet and they signal that they’re sore, you respond by breathing lots of oxygen their way and giving them a little massage. Please bring your own yoga mat and wear comfortable workout clothes.

Slow Newbie Yoga

For adult beginners.
For anyone who says they can’t do yoga, Liesl presents gentle breathwork and easy postures focusing on relaxation and stress relief. Become acquainted with the basics and foundations of mind and body connection as we take our time moving through comfortable and comforting poses like mountain (just standing up), and our favorite shavasana – the one where ya just lie down – you’ll be amazed at how beneficial this is!. Restorative and unwinding, this practice encourages self-healing thru conscious restfulness. Please bring your own yoga mat and wear comfortable workout clothes.

Chakra Meditation (free – contribute as you wish)

For adult beginners.
What the heck is a chakra? Learn about and practice this ancient, fascinating spiritual system that enables the practitioner to reach enlightenment. If enlightenment feels pretty far-reaching, chakra meditation is a wonderful communication tool between our minds and bodies to assist in self-healing. Originating about 2,700 years ago in India, chakras are focal centers along the subtle/energy body. Since subtle/energetic reality is highly malleable, many interpretations and associations have been created (like how many chakras exist and what colors they are). In this class, we are studying and balancing the seven major chakras popularized in western culture and modified by Liesl to include three more chakras. Our practice balances the concept of beginnings, security, creativity and sexuality, motivation and courage, capacity for unconditional love, personal voice and unity in community, perception and intuition, highest self, stillness, and cosmic ebb and flow.
Please bring your own yoga mat (and healing crystals if you have them), and wear loose, comfortable clothing like sweats and fuzzy socks.


GREAT NEWS FOR SEASON PACKAGE TICKET HOLDERS! Should your schedule change and you find yourself needing to attend a performance on a different date — if you give the Box Office at least 48 hours notice prior to your ticketed performance, management will attempt to exchange your ticket for a different performance of the same show!