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Rad stays rad. A few ideas are timeless. Stoner is Brant Bjork (guitar/vocals), Nick Oliveri (bass/vocals) and Ryan Gut (drums), and from flowing jams to all-out punker blasts, they know what they’re doing. It ain’t anybody’s first time at the dance, and you don’t call your band Stoner if you’ve never heard the word before. Stoner, however straight-ahead their moniker, encompass varied styles and the songwriting of Bjork and Oliveri – both founders of Kyuss, also Mondo Generator, Ché, Fu Manchu, Bloodcot, and more between them. Atop the classic-style swing and flow from Gut (also of Bjork’s solo band), Stoner keep it casual and wear the name as only those who helped create the sound could.

BIG SCENIC NOWHERE (world debut)

Big Scenic Nowhere was formed in 2019 by Gary Arce of Yawning Man fame and Bob Balch of Fu Manchu. For the debut EP Dying on the Mountain, the two were joined by Nick Oliveri of Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age, Mario Lalli of Fatso Jetson, Tony Reed of Mos Generator, Per Wiberg of Opeth and Spiritual Beggars, Bill Stinson of Yawning Man, Lisa Alley and Ian Graham of The Well, and Thomas V. Jäger of Monolord. Following the group’s full-length debut album, Vision Beyond Horizon in January 2020, Tony Reed and Bill Stinson joined as full-time members. The group released their second EP, Lavender Blues on October 23, 2020. For this EP, the group was joined by Chris Goss, famed Desert Rock music producer.


Fatso Jetson hail from the Palm Desert area in California. Living in the desert, secluded away from the trendy “scenes” in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, the only places for original music to be played have been pool halls, Mexican restaurants (after hours) and the occasional struggling bar looking to make some fast cash. On many occasions, the only place for a band to play has been in secluded desert canyons powered by a generator. Then in 1994, Mario and Larry Lalli opened the desert’s first “rock club”. It was at this club that the three decided to form a band.

Fatso Jetson formed after Tony, Mario and Larry spent way too much time together playing pool, drinking beer and watching TV after hours at Mario and Larry’s nightclub, “Rhythm & Brews”. They decided that since they already played the appropriate instruments, that their time would be better spent playing music.

They played their first show in September 1994, opening for former Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn. On the basis of this show, Greg decided he wanted to release an album with the band on his record label SST. The band then went on to play as many shows as possible including a small 6 show tour with fellow desert dwellers Kyuss.

Then, in August 1995, Fatso Jetson’s first record, “Stinky Little Gods” was released. Just over 2 years later in November 1997, the band released their second full length opus, “Power Of Three”, again on SST. It was around this time that the band hooked up with Brant Bjork (ex-Kyuss, ex-Fu Manchu skinsman) who played rhythm guitar. Brant stayed in this capacity until touring with Fu Manchu forced him to leave the band, though he did appear on two 7″ releases. One a split with The Bloodshot, and the other a split with Fu Manchu.

In late 1997 Fatso Jetson started to look for another record label and found themselves in the company of Bongload Custom Records. In April 1998, Tony, Mario and Larry entered Monkey Studios in Palm Springs to record their 3rd full length offering for Bongload, “Toasted”, produced by Chris Goss (Masters of Reality). Then in August 1998, Gary Arce joined the band as a rhythm guitarist for a tour up the coast with Queens of the Stone Age and continued in this role for a while playing on the ‘Flames For All’ record and toured with the band for a European tour and an appearance at the Dynamo festival in 1999 until he finally departed in April 2000.

In 2001, Fatso Jetson headed back in the studios to record their fifth album Cruel & Delicious. It was recorded by Schneebie of Earthlings? and released on Josh Homme’s record label Rekords Rekords. It features 13 songs including a cover of Devo’s “Ton O’ Love”.

The band continues today as a four piece, adding Vince Meghrouni on the saxophone and harmonica. They still write new material and play as many shows as possible.



Born in Los Angeles, Oliveri began his career in 1987 with John Garcia, Brant Bjork, Josh Homme and Chris Cockrell under the band name Katzenjammer. In early 1989, after Oliveri’s departure to play in other bands, the band would change its name to Sons of Kyuss, later shortening the name to Kyuss. He later rejoined the band, playing on the albums Wretch and Blues for the Red Sun. Oliveri would leave Kyuss again in early 1992, shortly after his father died in a car accident. Following his departure from Kyuss he joined The Dwarves as an on again off again bassist under the moniker Rex Everything. However he is perhaps best known as a member of Queens of the Stone Age from 1998 to 2004. Oliveri is also a solo artist and frequent contributor to his friends’ albums and tours, including Winnebago Deal, Mark Lanegan Band, Masters of Reality, Turbonegro, Moistboyz aka Dickie Moist and the O.T.C., and The Knives. In the past he has been involved with The Desert Sessions Vol. 4 and Vol. 6. Oliveri is known for playing bare chested and sometimes naked at gigs. Most memorably, he was arrested in Brazil, after performing nude on stage at the Rock in Rio festival in Rio de Janeiro.[3] He is also one half of the acoustic duo The Uncontrollable, with The Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia.

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We’re asking guests to please provide either a negative COVID test (72 hours) or a vaccination card for entry. For guests not willing to provide one of these two documents, we kindly ask that you please wear a mask indoors. This is a 21+ event!


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