Finally!  A complete Hi-Desert Calendar for the entire Region!

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JOSHUA TREE, CA – The Sunset Rotary of Yucca Valley and the Hi-Desert Cultural Center have joined forces to create a free, easily-accessible, and complete online calendar of non-profit events for the Hi-Desert region.  The online calendar enables area non-profit entities to seamlessly schedule, communicate about, and promote their many fundraising events, concerts, festivals, and other happenings that serve the Morongo Basin and surrounding Hi-Desert areas – using their own event descriptions and as much detail as they wish to provide.

The calendar was initially created to provide a dynamic solution to the ever-growing issue of event planning and coordination, especially for this area’s non-profits.  Recognizing that this region lacked this type of necessary tool, newly-appointed Rotary Area Governor, Anne Sholtz, and Hi-Desert Cultural Center President, Jarrod Radnich, were determined to make its creation a reality.  

One of the biggest problems that has faced our area non-profits is not knowing, well in advance, when other events are happening. It was natural to make the development of a solution a principle focus project for Rotary. Anne Sholtz, Rotary Area Governor
The beginning of that collaboration started with the Hi-Desert Cultural Center, who has been emerging as a national leader in arts and technology and whose mission statement includes that it act as a coordinator for the cultural non-profits in the area.

Owen Gillick, Vice President of the Basin Wide Foundation and President of the Board of Trustees at Copper Mountain College, understands the importance of collaboration. 

The Basin Wide Foundation is constantly reinforcing the motto ‘Together We Can!’ and this is yet another example of how our local non-profits work together for the betterment of all involved. We applaud the work of the calendar creators and sponsors and know that this tool will help our entire region.Owen Gillick

The core of the new online Hi-Desert Calendar pulls from technology giant and top search engine Google and is free to access online through the websites of the Sunset Rotary ( and Hi-Desert Cultural Center (  Once accepted as a participating non-profit (which is a free service), area non-profits will be able to enter, update, and schedule events on the calendar 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with virtually instantaneous updating on the Hi-Desert Calendar.  Anyone who has Internet access will be able to view online all of the events in the area, complete with descriptions, links to websites, and more.  Since the calendar is programmed to tie into Google Maps, residents can also see exactly where each event is occurring and can then receive directions on how to get there.

Ad spaces are also available for sale on the calendar.  Because the calendar creators have donated their time to both create and maintain the calendar, 100% of the proceeds from the ad space sales go to the sponsoring non-profits.

A training workshop will occur for area non-profits on September 29, 2010 at 1 pm at the Hi-Desert Cultural Center’s Blak Box Theatre.  Attendees will be taught how to easily use the calendar for their organizations and how to tie their own Google Calendar, Apple iCal Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook Calendar into the online Hi-Desert Calendar.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptop computers as the theatre has high-speed wireless internet and are encouraged to register in advance by accessing the calendar through the sponsors’ websites and choosing the information link at the top, or by going directly to the information site at  To help defray the costs of support materials that will be provided to each participant, a suggested $5 donation at the door is requested.

For more information, call the Hi-Desert Cultural Center at 760.366.3777 or the Sunset Rotary at 760.534.3195.  You may also email for more information.


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